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Business Intelligence for Construction Projects

BI Consulting & Dashboards Creation

You have huge data but want to gain various insights and leverage your hard work.
Let us build a BI dashboard to visualise your data!

Why Business Intelligence?


You have the information that has been collected from your projects, but you don’t use it to make business decisions.

BI (Business Intelligence) is the way to turn your data into valuable graphical insights so that you can make the right decisions at the right time. These insights will allow you to undertake comparative analysis or monitor projects. Reporting and analytics are hugely important as margins are tight. Often challenges and trends can be identified early allowing you to take rapid action. Complete this form, or you can email for more information.

Our Services

So, if you are like most companies you have generated loads of data. However, the data has never really been “sliced and diced” so it remains data! But what if there was a better way of releasing these valuable insights and learning what went well, what didn’t and better ways of working.

BI Dashboards to provide valuable data insights

BI Consulting  We can be an extension to your internal team

BI Reporting Helping you get the reports that matter, to make business easier

Here at Green Plane Solutions we do all the heavy lifting and ensure that you can focus on your business. 

Let’s talk today. We will even give you our direct sales hotline mobile number which is 07889 115660

Your Data - Your Insights

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About Us

We are professionals that have been involved in both Software, Technology support and Construction for many years. We have used this expertise to understand what the challenges are for many companies. We solved this by forming Green Plane Solutions and today we work with many companies turning data into valuable insights. We found that most companies wanted to have the insights from their data that was collected during a project.

We now partner with many companies and help them do more, do it quicker and get outstanding insights to ensure they make great business, technical and commercial decisions.

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